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WASAI Technology names CTO Calvin Hung as new CEO

TAIPEI, TAIWAN, Jul. 1, 2019 – WASAI Technology, a leading company in the data center and information technology solutions, has named Calvin Hung as chief executive officer. Hung, who has been serving as WASAI's CTO since 2016, is the second CEO in WASAI's history. Following Hung's appointment, Peter Chang, who co-founded WASAI and has served as CEO since 2015, will remain on the Board and serve as full-time Vice President to facilitate the transition through August 31, 2019. Thereafter, he will focus on Intellectual Property and Business Development.

Calvin Hung’s day-to-day leadership of WASAI will begin immediately. For the past 15 years, Hung has held key positions in several multinational companies operate mainly in the IC and system software sectors.

Calvin Hung has been chief technology officer for 3 and a half years and brings with him vast knowledge and solid experience in the industry and understanding of WASAI's business as former manager of Mediatek and MStar semiconductor, “It will be a privilege and honor to lead WASAI – a truly global company with highly talented people and iconic brands,” said Hung.

“We have an exceptional team at WASAI that is focused on transforming the business, continuing to innovate and unlocking future growth opportunities. With my passion for boating and the water, this is truly an exciting opportunity. In my role as a Co-Founder and CTO, I’ve been focused on not just technical-wise but also in operational-wise. I developed an even deeper understanding of WASAI's opportunities and challenges, our people and our customers. We thank Peter Chang for leading 4 years of transformation and growth in WASAI when it was a zero-to-one era. I’m honored to have the chance to continue working alongside our board, our leadership team, and our extraordinary employees as we take the company forward.”

“WASAI is an outstanding team, and I'm excited about the prospect of leading it through the fascinating developments and challenges in the industry. I look forward to working with the talented people of WASAI, to deliver sustainable growth, and to take the company’s core values of pioneering, knowledge sharing, and mind to the next level,“ said Hung. “I will strive to serve the company by ensuring our executives and professional teams are on the right track to fulfill their passion of offering the best of accelerated computing solutions to the world’s industries. We will accelerate the continuous growth after overcoming the most majority of the challenges the company faced during the recent few years.”

About WASAI Technology Inc.

WASAI Technology's mission is to deliver acceleration technologies of High-Performance Data Analysis (HPDA) in future data centers for targeted vertical applications with massive volumes and high velocities of scientific data. To strengthen and advance scientific discovery and technological research via big data-intensive acceleration in high-performance computing, WASAI Technology aims to improve commercialization and commoditization of scientific and technological applications.



WASAI Tecnology Inc.

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