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Celebrating National DNA Day 2021!

TAIPEI, TAIWAN, Apr. 29, 2021 – National DNA day, April the 25th, is a day to commemorate the completion of the Human Genome Project during the year of 2003 in April. The Human Genome Project is undoubtedly one of the biggest scientific milestones in human history. International DNA day focuses on educating the public on the latest advances in genomic research and further investigates how these constant breakthroughs in genomics impact lives on the daily. This date was set when the 108th congress (US) designated the annual date of April the 25th, the same date where the DNA’s double Helix structure was discovered in 1953. Since then, the National Human Genome Research Institute has been celebrating this day and encourages other organizations to plan events from January to May. Word DNA day is held to pay homage to the Human Genome Project, but also to continue to disseminate accurate education to the public about this booming subject of Genomics; be it through topic seminars, webinars, an outreach program at a school, interview of a scientist at a school etc.

Raising Genomic Awareness is ESSENTIAL

Genomics is not necessarily a topic that is generally spoken about in everyday talk. It has been 31 years since the human genome project was started, but there is still so much work to be done both in the field to advance it, but also to educate the general public on a topic that has numerous misconceptions floating around about it. The rapid progress within the field of genomics has been a whirlwind filled with numerous beneficial applications such as rare disease treatment and screening. Alongside these advancements, came a wave of genomic test kits. While these kits had a novelty factor, they both simultaneously stirred up interests and doubts within the media and general public over concerns of privacy- READ The Future New Oil: Genetic Data Privacy and Data Protection

Recap of the significance of the Human Genome Project

The goal of the project was to map the human genome by compiling groups of entire genomes and mapping out all possible gene expressions; it was to essentially decode the human genome. This work showed vast potential for using this technology to study maladaptive mutations and diagnose and treat those illnesses. It also was an important revolution between the merging of biological science and technology. It galvanised the possibilities and inventions of technology advances that help with the genomics sequencing. The binary codes of 1 and 0 that exist in computing data can be thought of as the same in terms of genetic data, but in the forms of A, T, G and C for its base pairs. The degree of progress that has been made in the field cannot be overstated, and companies such as ourselves are proud to be part of this human health care and technology paradigm shift. In recognition of both the past and to strive towards building a better future, DNA day is held on April 25th to commemorate the conclusion of the human genome project, but also to serve as a day devoted to promoting education on the field of genomics and what it can be used for to better humanity.

Raising Genomic Awareness- Why does it Matter?

When the Human Genome Project was launched in 1990, the field was nowhere near what it is today. The project took 13 years to complete, but without the work done then, this field would not exist today. Without the Human Genome project, biobank, bioinformatics companies would not exist; this also applies to WASAI. As a company that specializes in biotechnology and bioinformatics, we here at WASAI see the endeavor to teach people about genomics as paramount. We are here because of the work of those who participated in the human genome project. As such, it is a privilege and a duty to carry the mantle of those researchers towards the future.

DNA day serves as a way to advocate for scientific knowledge and to show the public what all these technological and medical breakthroughs mean for their wellbeing. The human genome is like a blueprint of our existence. Understanding it and learning from that blueprint is something that affects everyone. In honor of the human genome project, the National Human Genome Research Institute hosts National DNA Day annually. National DNA Day is a celebration of our collective victories in the field as well as serves to educate the public on genomics. .

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