WASAI Technology Inc. specializes in Big Data acceleration platforms, provides expert patented solutions to key problems for large data centers with both high quality and performance.

Founded in 2015.

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The Ryft ONE enables you to power a range of real-time intelligence applications and complex searches while taking advantage of both batch and streaming data, lower operating costs, increased revenue opportunities and better service quality.

  • Ryft Analytics Catalyst – The powerful combination of Ryft’s Open API and growing libraries of data analytics application connectors and data discovery analytics algorithms.

  • Heterogeneous FPGA/x86 Accelerator – The fastest and most powerful accelerator on the market, it leverages FPGA-accelerated heterogeneous computing, an open, easy-to-use interface and up to 48 TB of storage per device.

Today’s data centers rely on commodity CPU clusters, but high-performance data analysis often requires a mix of CPUs with more specialized GPU and FPGA-based platforms. The Ryft ONE accelerator leverages the ideal mix of compute architectures, which along with high-level software abstractions, deliver data analytics at speeds of 200X or more than current infrastructures and with a 70% lower TCO.

Competitive benchmarks prove the Ryft ONE outperforms the fastest CPU-based clusters to speed insights into massive quantities of any type or format of data with no indexing, transformation or curation required. Users also achieve 70% lower TCO (total cost of ownership) by reducing maintenance and operational costs such as energy use, rack space, top-of-rack routers, and cabling.

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