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WASAI Continuously Promotes FPGA Ecosystem With Both Intel Taiwan and Japan

TAIPEI, TAIWAN, Dec. 30, 2019 – WASAI joined 2019 Intel FPGA Technology Day (IFTD) both in Tokyo and in Taipei on November 26 and December 5th to demonstrate the total solutions with Intel® Programmable Acceleration Card (PAC) with Intel Arria® 10 and Stratix® 10 FPGA.

WASAI exhibited latest Intel FPGA card in IFTDay Tokyo 2019
WASAI showcased Intel® FPGA Programmable Acceleration Card D5005 Genomic Accelerated Solution at IFTDay Tokyo 2019

In IFTD Tokyo, we partnered with HPE to have a live demonstration on the latest Intel® Programmable Acceleration Card Stratix® 10 FPGA for DNA sequencing acceleration. This year, more than 800 people attended IFTD Tokyo, and many of them are very impressive to this customized FPGA solution for solving the bottlenecks of DNA sequencing data analysis.

In addition, Our CEO Calvin Hung presented WASAI Big Data Accelerated Solution in IFTD Taipei on December 5th so that more people noticed the market values of the big data acceleration in the multi fields of applications.

WASAI introduced Big Data acceleration platform in IFTD Day Taipei 2019
In Taipei IFTD 2019, Calvin introduced Big Data acceleration platform.

WASAI has a long-term relationship with Intel not only on the technical communication but also on promoting FPGA ecosystem with the teams of Intel Japan and Intel Taiwan. This collaboration enables better solutions and advancement on the new type of data centers, big data applications and biotechnological edge computing system.

About WASAI Technology Inc.

WASAI Technology's mission is to deliver acceleration technologies of High-Performance Data Analysis (HPDA) in future data centers for targeted vertical applications with massive volumes and high velocities of scientific data. To strengthen and advance scientific discovery and technological research via big data-intensive acceleration in high-performance computing, WASAI Technology aims to improve commercialization and commoditization of scientific and technological applications.



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