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WASAI Lightning Family: Three Throughput Tiers for Genomics Analysis at Scale

TAIPEI, TAIWAN, Jun. 30, 2021 – We at WASAI are proud to introduce the Genomics Acceleration - Lightning Family. It is an all-in-one acceleration solution which is greatly integrated with Intel Xeon CPU and its high-performance FPGA cards- Arria 10GX and D5005 with Stratix 10 SX FPGA. The empowered FPGA cards allow us to offer three different throughput models from small- medium laboratories to national biobanks/projects. The Lightning Family can provide the best ROI of acceleration solutions that perform at optimal levels. It is capable of a pipeline acceleration of 11x to complete a whole genome analysis at 30x depth. In addition to Lightning’s excellent speed and customization options, it supports standard workflows for both germline and somatic. Our goal as a company is to provide acceleration solutions that are highly accurate, affordable and easy to use.

WASAI Lightning Three Throughput Models

WASAI Lightning Family comes in three powerful forms to suit the needs of any client. The three models in the Lightning family are Lightning, Lightning S and Lightning Plus.

Lightning: The basic model is more flexible to integrate with 1U/2U/Tower server. The daily throughput is 4.8 WGS per day per node. Suitable with small laboratories with the annual WGS sample needs no more than 1,800 WGS samples.

Lightning S: The standard model supports 2U servers that come with a job scheduler which can support job-queueing for HPC clusters. The daily throughput is 8 WGS per day per node. The evolutionary solution can provide annual throughput of nearly 3000 WGS samples but with a more competitive price.

Lightning Plus: Lightning Plus is the high-end model brings the best daily throughput of 12 WGS on a single node. By the parallel execution on multiple FPGA cards, each genome data can get the fastest speed. This high-performance deployment has an extremely annual throughput of 4380. This model also comes with a job scheduler which can support job-queueing for HPC clusters.

With three different models at scaled power, this allows clients to purchase the model of Lightning that best suits the needs of their laboratory or research center. We offer significant performance that leads to a better ROI while requiring less computer processing time than CPU-only solutions.

WASAI Lightning’s Shocking Performance Comparisons

In performance comparisons, WASAI Lightning consistently outperforms generic HPC competitors. The graph below shows three areas in which Lightning outperforms generic HPC competitors. These three areas are in WGS daily throughput, shorter WGS analysis times and genomic analysis acceleration. In 1-node throughput comparison, our premium model-Lightning Plus can finish 12 samples in comparison to 5.4 samples for generic HPC competitors in one day. It has an astonishingly fast WGS analysis time of 3 hours, compared to 12 hours from generic HPC competitors, speeds up genomics analysis by 4x compared to 1x by generic HPC competitors.

Integrated Genome Analysis Workflows on FPGAs

The WASAI Lightning Family can run both the Germline and Somatic GATK Best Practice workflow which is developed and recommended by the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard. With the ability of the integration of FPGA cards and genomics analysis workflows in both hereditary and non-hereditary cells allows for a wide range of uses that can meet the various needs of clients. This is particularly useful in the use of precision medicine and genomic research.

Last but not least

To tackle the challenge of the enormous Genomics data and its computation heavy lift, WASAI developed the Lightning Family with three tiered levels of throughput that all are powered by FPGA technology. Our line of products embody our passion to provide the best acceleration solutions for any clients in their endeavor to personalized genomic medicine and genomics research in cancer, rare diseases, immunology and pharmacogenomics.

About WASAI Technology Inc.

WASAI Technology's mission is to deliver acceleration technologies of High-Performance Data Analysis (HPDA) in future data centers for targeted vertical applications with massive volumes and high velocities of scientific data. To strengthen and advance scientific discovery and technological research via big data-intensive acceleration in high-performance computing, WASAI Technology aims to improve commercialization and commoditization of scientific and technological applications.



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