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Big data analysis, an important mile of road, to bring IoV services to maturity

TAIPEI, TAIWAN, Oct. 31, 2019 – Internet of Vehicles (IoV) is to connect people, cars and environment together through telecommunication technology. For example, while driving, the technology is to tell you the road condition ahead, so that you can make a better and quicker judgment at a pinch. The connections between cars generate hundreds of data, such as sensors, GPS receivers and images of dash-cams which are all needed to be transferred and analyzed to apply to applications.

Automobile makers gradually start building big data centers to collect all kinds of data transferring into usable data. Predictably, a car can generate 1-4 GB data per second before 2025. This rapid increase of data will cause a rising cost for data centers and result in a problem that data might not be dealt with in time.

With optimization of architecture and parallel computation ability, the big data accelerated solution of WASAI can help shortening time of dealing with data. Take the data from car sensors for example. The amount of data originally needs to be processed with 1000 servers, while using WASAI’s solution together, only 500 servers are able to reach the same result. The big data accelerated solution of WASAI is the most competitive product to provide customers higher efficiency for processing mega data services.

About WASAI Technology Inc.

WASAI Technology's mission is to deliver acceleration technologies of High-Performance Data Analysis (HPDA) in future data centers for targeted vertical applications with massive volumes and high velocities of scientific data. To strengthen and advance scientific discovery and technological research via big data-intensive acceleration in high-performance computing, WASAI Technology aims to improve commercialization and commoditization of scientific and technological applications.



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