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Preventive Genomics- the New Direction of Healthcare

TAIPEI, TAIWAN, Dec. 30, 2020 – One of the most important questions in relation to advanced genomics analysis is, what exactly can researchers do with this tool at their disposal? Indeed, this question and its answers provide one of the most exciting prospects in medical science for our generation. Preventive Genomics is the use of Genomic analysis to predict a patient’s risk of genetic disorders and diseases that may impact their health down the line, and using that information to attempt to prevent those predispositions from reaching manifestation. The potential of preventive genomics truly changes how doctors treat patients in the very near future.

Brigham and Women’s hospital- The First Pioneering Preventive Clinic

In mid August, the Brigham and Women’s hospital in Boston began America’s first Preventive Genomics Clinic. Researchers at this particular clinic continued their research into October to test the viability of such a program. There are a number of factors that have setback such testing. One of which, being the financial viability and the quantity of time it takes to analyze entire genomes. The other issue is trust. Genomics is a relatively new endeavour in the world of medical science, and has been met with some scepticism. However, the researchers at Brigham found that with only six hours of training, physicians were able to use Genomic Sequencing with a rate of 0% errors and were able to discover ailments in some of those patients that had gone undiagnosed through traditional means. The researchers at Brigham were testing genomes for 59 different mutations that lead to diseases such as cancer in their patients. Of the 100 patients tested using genomic sequencing, 20% had those maladaptive mutations. These results showcase the unquantifiable good that Preventative Genomics can do in quantifiable results.

The future of preventive Genomics

When it comes to cost and time, the field of genome sequencing has been at the forefront of rapid advancement. Products like WASAI Lightning are capable of sequencing an entire genome in only three hours and reduce the computing cost per genome. In comparison, it used to take days or weeks to get the same result with previous methods and for a significantly cheaper price. Much of this advancement in speed can be owed to FPGA technology, which has revolutionized the field of genome sequencing. While the field of Preventative Genomics is somewhat controversial due to privacy concerns, it is a truly revolutionary tool in the fight against diseases like cancer and diabetes because it allows doctors the power to almost see into the future of their patients. In the past, the only real indicators of genetic predispositions came in the form of analyzing the relatives of a patient in order to determine their potential risk of ailments. However, while useful, that method does not remotely have the accuracy that genomic sequencing now has the potential to provide. We now stand at the forefront of a medical science paradigm shift. We here at WASAI are truly excited for what that future may hold and all the good in the world that genomic sequencing can have on the health and wellbeing of patients.

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