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Go to California! WASAI Debuts in TechCrunch Innovative Exhibition

TAIPEI, TAIWAN, Nov. 29, 2019 – WASAI attended TechCrunch Disrupt San Francisco (TCD SF) on October 2-3 2019, along with other 15 technology startups led by Taiwan Tech Arena (TTA) founded by Ministry of Science and Technology. Together, this participation demonstrated Taiwan’s powerful innovative energy to the international markets.

WASAI with other Taiwanese startups attended Taiwan Reception.

In TCD SF, WASAI had two demonstrations: one is the big data accelerated solution, applying to Internet of Vehicle (IoV) and telecom data processing field and the other is genome sequence accelerated solution, focusing on the fields of genetics and cancer research. Both show the technological strength of software and hardware integration. With TTA’s engagement, startups were able to communicate and consulted by investors from Silicon Valley and mentors from industries which helped WASAI clarify the strategies for future development. In addition, the international resources and visions they provided helped WASAI explore the potential connections in USA.

About WASAI Technology Inc.

WASAI Technology's mission is to deliver acceleration technologies of High-Performance Data Analysis (HPDA) in future data centers for targeted vertical applications with massive volumes and high velocities of scientific data. To strengthen and advance scientific discovery and technological research via big data-intensive acceleration in high-performance computing, WASAI Technology aims to improve commercialization and commoditization of scientific and technological applications.



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