WASAI Technology Inc. specializes in Big Data acceleration platforms, provides expert patented solutions to key problems for large data centers with both high quality and performance.

Founded in 2015.

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WASAI Technology targets on unique solutions to the software/hardware co-design integration with the hardware assistance of FPGA card and both the acceleration and the optimization of the data processing platform. Our solution can benefit data to emerging enterprises by shortening the processing time. We expect to apply our FPGA acceleration technique to prospering big data industry,  and by implementing AaaS (Acceleration as a Service), what we provide will doubtlessly become the key factor to the development of future big data analysis.

We have been devoted ourselves to building the solution to big data’s hardware and software integration and optimization on Sparks and Hadoop, two widely used algorithm in big data analysis. And we further combine the hardware acceleration with FPGA card we developed with the server system in the pursuit of a better performance in data computing.


On the other hand, aiming at the trend of precision medicine, since last year, we expand our service to genomic sequencing accelerator. Providing the first all-in-one server equipped with FPGA hardware acceleration which can directly function with the data BWA-MEM algorithm generates, we are confident for offering the best genomic sequencing experience with the most affordable cost and high accuracy.


As for the acceleration scale, According to our actual testing, the server efficiency equipped with our FPGA accelerator is proved to be 2x to 6x more efficient than the original CPU-based server, which can feasibly cut down TCO (total-cost-of-ownership)of data center operation.


In the information booming era, how to magnify the value of statistics become the key problem to solve. WASAI’s mission is to benefit human life by boosting the efficiency of servers. The prospect of precision medicine and big data are our concern, and we are eager to improve servers’ process flow with the technique developed. We will keep working on developing a solution to different fields including big data cloud service, AI, telecom, IoT and biomedical services for the goal of accelerating technological development. We are WASAI Technology, we accelerate the data for your life.