WASAI Technology Inc. specializes in Big Data acceleration platforms, provides expert patented solutions to key problems for large data centers with both high quality and performance.

Founded in 2015.

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Genomics Sequencing Accelerator

Accelerating Next-Generation Genomics Sequencing for NIPT/NIPS, Cancers and Rare Diseases 

 Computing systems and algorithms has outperformed traditional medication in some ways. "Next generation genome sequencing" is the foundation of all the genetic analysis. 

Traditional computing systems take more than 30 hours to process human whole genome sequencing from sequence alignment to variants calling. Patients usually wait for 2 weeks more for their test reports. Performance is the biggest obstacle in the way to NGS business.


WASAI Technology focuses on algorithms of sequence alignment and variant calling. With high parallelism and and optimization of system architecture, we provide FPGA accelerator solution for NGS with 6x+ performance!

A Vision For

Better Care and Health

Most of the underlying genetic disorders and hereditary diseases need to finish a patient's gene sequence and then do genetic comparison.  Doctors made decisions based on experience and statistical information for benefit of the average patients. However, rare disease patients are not the average patients. The current status is an advance over guessing or tradition, but medicine has so much potential to do better. 

Traditional NGS platforms take 30 hours to complete the process.

WASAI NGS accelerator is highly optimized for genomics sequencing along with specialized big data processing architecture.