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WASAI Lightning accelerate Genomics Secondary Analysis for NGS with

on-premise all-in-one server


WASAI-Lightning™ is an All-in-one DNA Sequencing Acceleration solution, which addresses challenges caused by growing volumes of genomics data. To compare WASAI-Lightning™  with the traditional CPU-based computing process, whole genome sequence time can be reduced from 30 hours to less than 7 hours. It achieves the reduction of 10% to 50% of  total cost of ownership. It transparently consists with the most popular genomics pipeline including the Alignment tool BWA and the Variant Calling tool GATK. WASAI-Lightning™ Solution Platform provides multiple toolkit functions with extremely high computation capabilities, which can greatly improve efficiency and reduce NGS data processing cost.

WASAI Lightning™–Accelerated Genomics Pipeline Performance

Whole Genome dataset provided by 
Precision FDA NA12878 30X

●    BWA-MEM
●    Sort & Markdup
●    GATK HaplotypeCaller

WASAI Lightning™ Solution

WASAI Lightning™ provides an optimized platform which BWA-MEM algorithm can be directly applied to. With this unique data analysis solution exclusively designed for next-generation sequencing, medical institutions can cut down considerable utility cost and time consumption. Meanwhile, the overall SNPs and INDELs precision, variants' recall and accuracy are consistent with the original software. 

We aim to develop WASAI Lightning as a versatile Bio-IT platform. WASAI Lightning supports multiple workflow languages and can be adapted to your very own pipelines. With our optimized secondary analysis pipelines, WASAI Lighting Bio-IT platform makes your analysis easier and faster!

On-premise Solution

●    Integrating FPGA card and 2U Rackmount server
●    Accelerate GATK Best Practice Pipeline
●    WGS NA12878 at 30x coverage in 6.5 hours
●    The accuracy is consistent with Genome Analysis Toolkit-BWA and GATK.
●    Applied to WGS and WES


Accuracy & Consistency

Lightning solution provides acceleration based on native algorithm BWA-MEA and GATK pipeline which are the most popular tools for secondary analysis.


Scalable complementary solution meets customers needs.

All-in-one pipeline

Integrates FPGA card with server for easy implementation and best performance.


On-premise all-in-one server offers higher efficiency with lower cost of infrastructure and operation.


We provide instant remote update for field programmable gate array (FPGA) to keep your system up-to-date.

Application Field

Prenatal and Postnatal Genetic Testing

Population-based Cohort Study


Cancer & Rare Disease Research and Diagnoses

Preventive Genomics Testing Program

Precision Medicine Screening