Genomics Secondary Analysis Accelerated Solution - 
WASAI Lightning™ Family


WASAI-Lightning™ Family is an All-in-one DNA Sequencing Acceleration solution, which addresses challenges caused by growing volumes of genomics data. It integrates with the Genome Analysis Toolkit (GATK) on the server with FPGA accelerator together, provides 11x speed up of whole genome 30x analysis, high accuracy and consistency, best cost-performance ratio and the ease of use with automation utility. 

WASAI Lightning™–Accelerated Genomics Pipeline Performance

Whole Genome dataset NA12878 30X

●    BWA-MEM
●    Sort & Markdup
●    GATK HaplotypeCaller

Visualize your genomics analysis -
Simple and Easy to Use! 

The WASAI-Lightning™ Manager, a web-based system dashboard is simple and easy to use. It enables the genomics analysis to be automated, shortening the time for the whole analytic procedure. You can manage and monitor your genomics analysis status through our web application!

  • Plug-and-Play: real-time samples uploading and WASAI-Lightning™ pipeline execution

  • Time-saver Automation: genomics analysis automation to fasten the procedure

  • Easy to manage: analysis process monitoring and versions management

  • Ready to synchronize/share: analysis results sharing with the research team

  • Good Visualizationintuitive visual web-based demonstration of FASTQ data transformed into VCF

On-premise Solution

●    Integrating FPGA card and 2U Rackmount server
●    Accelerate GATK Best Practice Pipeline
●    WGS NA12878 at 30x coverage in 3 hours
●    The accuracy is consistent with GATK Best Practice
●    Applied to WGS and WES


High Accuracy & Consistency

The acceleration is based on native algorithm BWA-MEA and GATK pipeline which are the most popular tools for secondary analysis.


Offering best price that minimize the cost of the infrastructure and operation greatly improves efficiency.


Lightning can run most popular genome analysis tool. The convenience of using multiple workflow languages makes the genomics analysis more easily composable and flexible.

All-in-one pipeline

Lightning integrates FPGA card with server for easy deployment and the best performance.


We provide instant remote update for field programmable gate array (FPGA) to keep your system up-to-speed.

Prenatal and Postnatal Genetic Testing

Population-based Cohort Study


Cancer & Rare Disease Research and Drug Development/ Repurposing

Preventive Genomics Testing Program

Precision Medicine Screening


Application Field

Severe Acute Infectious Diseases Vaccines and Treatment Development (e.g. COVID-19)


Single Whole Genome Sequence sample is finished in 3 hours. 

WASAI Technology Inc. specializes in Big Data acceleration platforms, provides expert patented solutions to key problems for large data centers with both high quality and performance.

Founded in 2015.

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