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FPGA Accelerator in Cloud Solution

About Ryft Cloud

Ryft Cloud enables users to get fast, actionable insight from their cloud-based data 72X faster than is currently possible with commodity cloud infrastructures. 

Finally, users of cloud-based data and analytics applications can fully leverage FPGA-accelerated analytics with Ryft’s high-performance and easy-to-use analytics algorithms and application connectors.


Ryft Cloud is currently available on the Amazon EC2 F1 platform. Combining the powerful F1 accelerated compute instance with easy-to-use Ryft Cloud technology gives organizations the unprecedented ability to quickly and easily extract critical insights from all their data.

With Ryft and the F1 instance, Elasticsearch users can eliminate data indexing, transformation and curation and extend Elasticsearch to:

  • Accelerate workflows with the ability to deploy pre-index and post-index searches

  • Speed search and analysis across unstructured data and JSON, XML, LOGs, CSV, TSV and other files with no transformation

  • Increase the power of edit distance with user selectable changes to high distance requests for fuzzy Hamming or Levenshtein searches

  • Enhance wildcard searches to include leading wildcard characters

  • Supercharge regular expressions and machine learning, coming later in 2017

Ryft provides F1 users not only the supercharged analytics that they require but also a Ryft Cloud application that is as simple as what they currently use.

provides solutions that look beyond parallelization to enable seamless and scalable acceleration, allowing software engineers to quickly realize the potential of FPGA acceleration on F1 instances without being experts in FPGA implementation or tools.   The Merlin compiler provides push-button C/C++ to a highly-optimized FPGA implementation, including host code generation and optimization of accelerator design, data transfer and reuse. Kestrel is a runtime scheduler that can optimize the discovery, deployment, sharing, reprogramming and schedule of FPGA accelerators on F1 instances. 

The DRAGEN Hybrid Cloud

The Hybrid Cloud is the optimal solution to seamlessly process, store, and move genomic big data onsite and/or in the cloud.

Scalable Hybrid Cloud

The DRAGEN Hybrid Cloud is a secure, scalable and public platform for virtual or onsite ultra-rapid analysis of next-generation sequencing data. New users of DRAGEN’s technology can analyze their genomic data in just minutes through the cloud, while existing users of onsite DRAGEN systems can now operate as part of the secure hybrid cloud. The DRAGEN Cloud features the same capabilities of DRAGEN Onsite, including FPGA-accelerated algorithms, compute and storage.

Flexibility and Security

The Hybrid Cloud configuration provides users with the flexibility to scale up to the cloud during times of high capacity and return to onsite analysis when demand is reduced. The platform is compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, regulations developed by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to protect the privacy and security of patients’ health information

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