We Accelerate System Architecture & Infrastructure

The  Next  Big  Thing :
Hadoop  Accelerator

  • Tailor-made FPGA Accelerator for Big Data Hadoop platforms

  • Optimized & specialized architectural design for Data Centers & HPC

  • 6x+ speed-up in keyword searching & key-value sorting



WASAI acceleration solution brings in an innovative architecture to offer adequate data processing performance. 


Our high-performance processing solutions are featured with enhanced data compression/decompression, concurrent & parallel multi-cores, customized accelerator and hierarchical reducer. 


Overall processing is speeded up to 6x~10x with our cutting-edge architecture.

Being a turnkey solution provider in the data center ecosystem, we satisfy the high-performance need of enterprises in various fields to sustain and grow the business in an efficient way.

We provide tailor-made FPGA accelerators

Tailor-made FPGA accelerator for Big Data Hadoop platforms

Optimized & specialized architectural design for Data Centers & HPC

Acceleration solutins for data center & HPC are optimized for performance.
Data processing algorithms are highly accelerated with our solutions.

 6X+ speed-up in Keyword searching & Key-value sorting 

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